Stoops & Step Services

Stoops & Step Services


If you need to replace your old step or stoop in New Jersey, call the experts at Terra Firma Property Solution today. We specialize in repairing or replacing steps using natural stone, concrete, bricks, wood and granite stone throughout a wide region in New Jersey.

Terra Firma Property Solution is a family run business that services in New Jersey providing each customer with that personal touch! We are well known throughout the local area and because of this most of our work comes through recommendation.

It is amazing the difference a new step can make to the entrance of your home. Not only adding function, but it can also become a centrepiece for any driveway or patio area.

Our skilled team provide other service options in New Jersey including building new walls, new walkway installations and chip seal driveways. Free estimates.

We provide a variety of design options including tiered steps, semi moon shapes, circular and squared off. We can install new railings on higher steps and embed them into the build of the step for extra support.

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As one of the leading step repair contractors in New Jersey, we undertake all types of repair and build work. Common call outs for our stoop specialists include: –